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Application View

This page describes the main application window and its' components parts.

  1. Ribbon.  All of the major application functions are controlled from the ribbon.

  2. Content. The central zone is the main region where Duke content is displayed.  This can be a list of snapshots, the retrieve profile form or a report.

  3. Notification Area.  This is where notification messages are displayed and it is split into tabbed panels.  There is a fixed Notifications tab which will always appear as the leftmost tab and is used for general application messages; other tabs will be displayed as required and display messages relating to their purpose.  In the example above, a second tab called Snapshot 3 displays the progress of this snapshot. To the right of this tab is the progress summary panel which provides regularly-updated statistics to show the status of the running snapshot.

Status Panel

At the bottom right of the application window are a number of buttons, as described below:

  • The first shows the number of messages in the notification area.  When the application starts this will be zero but hen a message is sent to the noification panel, this will be incremented and the background colour will change to help draw attention to this.  However, the notification panels remain hidden until this button is clicked.

  • Pin - Shows the notification panels regardless of whether there are messages to display.

  • Clear - Deletes all messages from all notification panels.

  • Snapshot - Duke allows the collection of many snapshots in the database.  However, when running reports there must be one snapshot selected - this is the Current Snapshot.  Click this button to select one of the existing snapshots.

    Note that a snapshot may be selected by other means, such as when you attempt to run a report or view the site heirarchy.  These actions paact upon one snapshot at a time so if a current snapshot has not been set, you will be prompted to choose one.