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Definition: Connect Profile

A connect profile is a configuration element used to specify the address of a SharePoint site collection to which Duke is to connect, along with authentication details including the username and password used to connect to the site, should these be required.  As such, creating a connect profile is the first step towards creating a snapshot.

Connect profiles are reusable and there will typically be one for each site collection to be analysed.  Depending on the nature of the environment in which Duke is being used, the authentication details may differ between site collections.  For example, it is possible to create a connect profile using the username and password of someone other than the user running the snapshot.  The password is saved in encrypted form so while this will give Duke permission to access content in that site collection there is little possibility of the user running the snapshot being able to use these credentials in any other way.

Note: The username and password stored in the connect profile are not synchronised with the account with which it is associated.  This means that if the account expires, becomes locked or the password expires or is changed, the connect profile will no longer work.  Edit the profile to update the account details.  Snapshots relying on this profile will then be able to execute.

Note: It is not possible to delete a connect profile that is being used by an incomplete snapshot.