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Create a Retrieve Profile

Click the Manage button in the Retrieve Profiles ribbon group.  The Retrieve Profiles form is displayed.


This must be unique and should be clear and descriptive so that its' purpose is obvious when creating a snapshot.

Show only frequently-used lists and libraries

When this check box is selected the Libraries and Lists sections show only user lists and not system lists such as Style Library and Master Page Gallery.

Copy changes to all snapshots using this profile

When you are editing an existing snapshot, this option can be selected o that when you save the profile, the retrieve options on existing snapshots will be updated to reflect the new settings. If this is not selected, existing snapshots will retain their existing settings.

Retrieve Options

Select the types of informatioin to be retrieved when this profile is used.  Note that some options have prerequisites - for example, if you wish to retrieve Site Features you must first select Sites.



Click this button to display a list of exsting retrieve profiles; double-click the name of the profile to open it in the editor.


Delete the currently-displayed profile.  Retrieve profile settings are stored with each snapshot so unlike a connect profile, you may delete a retrieve profile at any time.


Save changes to the currently-displayed profile.


Create a new profile with the same settings as those currently displayed.  This is a quick way to create a new profile with similar settings to an existing one.


Abandon the edit of the currently-displayed profile without saving changes.