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Create a Snapshot

Click the New button in the Snapshot Scheduler ribbon group.  The Create Snapshot form is displayed.


A descriptive name to identify this snapshot.  This defaults to the connect profile description followed by the current date.

Site URL

This is the URL taken from the connect profile and cannot be changted.

Analyse a subsite or list

Tick this box if you wish to analyse a subsite of the Site URL or a list within a subsite.  If this option is selected the additional fields are displayed:

Key or paste  URL into the Subsite URL text box. 

The buttons alongside this text box are:

  1. Confirm the entered URL.

  2. Set the URL to be the same as the main site URL from the connect profile.

  3. Delete the value in the text box.

Once a subsite has been specified you may (optionally) click the ellipsis (...) to the right of the List Title text box and select one list from within the subsite.

Include Subsites

Select this option to include all of the subsites beneath the site specified in Site URL (or Subsite URL if one is specified).  This option is unavailable if you have chosen to analyse a single list.

Set to Pending Status

Set the status of this snapshot to pending - this ensures that the snapshot does not begin to execute as soon as it's saved.

Schedule Date and Time

Specify the date and time when the snapshot should start running.  Note: The scheduler must be running before the snapshot will start regardless of what time it is due.  Click [Now] to set the snapshot to execute immediately (if the scheduler is running) or as soon as the scheduler is started.

Specify End Time

If this option is selected you may specify a time when the snapshot will stop running.  This is useful if you don't want the snapshot to continue after a redetermined time.  The snapshot may be restarted at any time at which point it will carry on from where it left off.

Retrieve Profile

Select which retrieve profile to use when capturing data from SharePoint.

Log Level

This option is used to control the amount of detail displayed in the notification panel as the snapshot progresses.  All messages are recorded in a log file but it's not necessary to display them all.


An optional comment which can be used to provide more detailed information about this snapshot.

Connection State

Before the snapshot is saved, Duke checks the site authentication to ensure that when the snapshot runs, it is able to connect to the site. The indicator is used to show whether this connection has been validated.  Click the Test button to check this manually; if the connection fails, edit the connect profile settings.