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Definition: Retrieve Profile

A connect profile defines the SharePoint site to which to connect and the authentication method to use when connecting; a retrieve profile is a configuration element that is used to specify which information is to be retrieved when a snapshot executes.  Duke allows the creation of many retrieve profiles to cater for different analysis requirements.




































The screenshot shows that the retrieve profile is given a unique name and that there are many options available to specify the type of content to be retrieved when a snapshot runs.

Some of the options have dependencies; for example, it is not possible to retrieve Site Content Types without retrieving sites, and a least one list or library type must be selected before list items can be retrieved.

The data in a connect profile is stored only in the profile.  This means that when changing the connect profile (such as when the account password is updated) this change is automatically and immediately effective within all snapshots associated with the profile.  This is not true with a retrieve profile where the options selected are copied to the snapshot.  This means that by default, changes to the retrieve profile made after a snapshot has been created will not take effect - only new snapshots will inherit the changed settings.  However, there is an option in the retrieve profile update form (shown above) that allows changes to be copied to all snapshots that are associated with the retrieve profile.