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Snapshot Review

Click the Snapshots button in the Snapshot Scheduler ribbon group to display the list of snapshots.

By default this will display only snapshots that are incomplete, for whatever reason.  Click the Show All button to display complete snapshots.

Context Menu

Right-click a snapshot to open the snapshot contex menu.  The available options are described below:


Open the snapshot edit form.  The options to change the snapshot are limited once it's been saved, more so when the snapshot has started running.


This option is available only when the snapshot is currently execuing; it stops the snapshot.  This may be restarted at a later time, in which case it will continue from where it left off.


A snapshot in Hold status will not execute, regardless of its' schedule start time.  If the snapshot is in Hold status, this option will be Release which allows the snapshot to run.


See Hold above.


Restarting a snapshot allows it to continue from where it left off after it had been stopped or stopped with an error.


Delete the snapshot and all data captured when it ran.

Mark Complete

Set the status to Complete.  This is a one-way operation that cannot be reversed.  Setting the status to complete effectively hides the snapshot; use this option if you have an incomplete snapshot that you don't want to delete but don't want to appear listed here.  It will still be available to review by clicking the Show All button.


The last part of the snapshot data capture is to roll the low-level data up to higher levels.  An example of such a roll process would be to calculate totals for the number of items and total size of all items in a list, and then save those totals to the list.  This process means that these summaries are available quickly without having to calculate them every time they are required.

If a snapshot ends before it completes successfully (a power outage on a dekstop PC, for example) it may be useful to create these summaries without having to restart the snapshot and wait for it to happen at the end of the process.  Click Roll to calculate these totals.  If you later restart the snapshot, they will be recalculated.


Display the logged messages generated by this snapshot.  These are the same messages that are displayed in the notification panel, although in greater detail (depending on the Log Level set when the snapshot was created).


Displays the detailed processing information for this snapshot including settings, start time, end time, number of items processed and storage used.