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Specifying a URL

When a connect profile or snapshot is created a URL must be supplied.  This page describes how these URLs affect how Duke works.

Connect Profile

Duke uses this URL when authenticating against the target SharePoint environment.  This is especially relevant in Office 365 where the authentication process mimics manual authentication - connect to a site and enter a username and password.  If you are authenticating using Active Directory then this is less important because credentials are checked and approved as a natural process of logging on to a PC and therefore (usually) a network.

The URL supplied in the connect profile defines the top-level site that can be analysed in a snapshot using this profile and as such, should be that of a site collection; this will allow any site in the site collection to be analysed.  If you specify a subsite here then you will be able to analyse all subsites below this site but nothing above it.

Note: Snapshots can be configured to analyse subsites regardless of the URL in the connect profile - as long as the subsite exists within the connect profile URL. See below for more detail.

URL Trimming

When a URL is entered, Duke validates it and converts it to a site URL.  That is, any of the following will be converted to

This process works by reading from the right-hand end of the URL and examining each segment delimited by a slash until it finds a valid site.  In practice this will do the following with URL

  1. Is the address of a site? NO.

  2. Is the address of a site? NO.

  3. Is the address of a site? YES - this is the URL saved to the connect profile.


The first step in creating a snapshot is to select the connect profile to be used to authenticate against the site to be analysed.  Without specifying more detail this is the site that will be processed - and by default, all subsites will also be included.  However, the snapshot allows you to specify a subsite, and this can be any subsite of the site specified in the connect profile.  The subsite can be at any level, not just at first level and it is subject to the same URL trimming process described above - if you include a list URL or a page or document name, these will be removed.

Examples, assuming that the connect profile's URL is

Note on protocol identifier

The protocol identifier is http or https - note that this is part of the URL specified and Duke performs no special processing to allow these to be used interchangeably, so and are considered to be different sites.